Autism Friendly

Autism Friendly Newcastle


Autism Friendly Newcastle is...

· A community led organisation

· Working for people who are on the autism spectrum

· We work closely with
   -     Local organisations
   -     The Council and their partners
   -     Government institutions (like the NHS)
   -     Local and national retailers and businesses

We offer...

· Autism Spectrum Condition related quality control and training, tailored to suit your business or institution.

· Support routes for people in (self-)employment, providing guidance and training.

· Activity groups and events, organised by our members.

· Free membership for people on the autism spectrum and those awaiting a diagnosis, their partners or carers and anyone who has a genuine interest in their wellbeing.

You too can become a member if you work, live, study or otherwise spend time in Newcastle upon Tyne. Click here to download our information leaflet and find out how you can sign up and receive information on our future activities.

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